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Updated: Jan 14

A new and exciting thing is happening on the website..

We have prepared especially for this challenging period,

but also because it is part of the soul that operates behind it all.

We give you free instant download coloring pages..

If your kids are staying at home, there's never been a better time to connect with them and spend quality time together. During this period, you may want to plan some activities that bring calm and fun. We offer free instant download printable Mandala coloring pages to help kids identify lines, shapes, and colours. Oh, and you'll find there as well different kinds of coloring pages for different levels and ages. Children and adults can have coloring time together as a shared artistic project.

A Mandala is a pattern organised around a unifying center. Simply translated from Sanskrit, it means "circle." It represents a connection to life energy. Mandalas are inherently found in nature in forms such as seashells, fruits, flowers, snowflakes, bird nests, tree rings: everywhere around us.

Several studies have shown that repetitive, mindful activities like colouring help lower stress and simultaneously stimulate the brain's parts responsible for creativity and logic. As we colour or even gaze at a Mandala, we can eventually come into a state of meditation.  

You may suggest kids pay attention to different shapes that remind Mandalas in

the room or outside of the room. When your kids have finished coloring, they can use their creations as a tool to focus and relax. You may invite them to try breathing slowly and deeply and describe what they feel while gazing at the Mandala.

Enjoy the harmony together.  

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Soon there will also be delicious recipes...




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