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When I joined Instagram, I discovered a whole new world that touched me deeply. Unique individuals, talented craftspeople, women, like me, who are both mothers and artists. The personal connections I have made on Instagram are very special to me; with some, I have developed real friendships and with others, potential business collaborations. This is how I met Stav.

Stav is a young mother working together with her husband Nir, in their family business creating wooden toys and paper products. The toys that Stav makes are aesthetic, gentle and delicate, pleasant for both the eyes and the touch. They are suitable for children ages 3+ and also make excellent home decor; for example, her wooden deer figurines are perfect for the current season and look beautiful decorating the fireplace or placed on a shelf.

The meditative approach that Stav takes with her craft meets me on a very deep level. Her delicate woodworking, sanding, and hand-painting; the simplicity of her art and style enchants me, as does her connection to nature and the woman she is. If you follow Stav on Instagram, you'll see a woman who works the land, loves animals and birds, and is enamored by local nature. She is a family woman and an all-around lovely person.

I am delighted to share with you some of the new and wonderful animal figures created by Studio Stav we have added to our wooden toy shop\page.

It's not every day that we add someone new to the website. we choose carefully and with great attention.

Always open to new connections and meeting new people, so if you think your own business would make for a good collaboration, I would love to talk to you too.

To get in touch email the studio


all the best wishes and love


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