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The Happy Fishes

The great Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi said: “I know the joy of fishes in the river through my own joy, as I go walking along the same river.” I really enjoyed creating these adorable little fishes, and I hope that you will enjoy them too.

As with all my creatures, these are eco-friendly one of a kind soft toys. They are handmade from upholstery fabrics. This is the first time I use a fabric that is not 100% cotton but soft and pleasant to the touch, just like a comfy sofa :)

I want to convey an important message that I believe in: reusing or repurposing materials that would otherwise be tossed away. It is not only a creative challenge; it’s a way to lessen our ecological footprint.

I love bringing materials to life, and I love getting reactions from people, especially children. The message of protecting the environment, recycling, and creative reuse is an important one. My creatures help to convey that. Please read more about my approach in the ABOUT section.

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