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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Here at ilovemytata everything is made by hand plus we do our best to manufacture in the most eco-friendly way, in the meantime what you will find on the website are clothes for kids aged zero to twelve, home, and nursery decor, and soft toys. all are timeless, minimalistic, and easy-to-wear essentials in which children can be their true selves.

We want kids to be as comfortable as possible.

Clothes are made with the softest cotton and linen fabrics available, to ensure everyday comfort and practicality... shop kids clothes...

Would love to make those tough times feel a lot easier on you... and your kids... So first there is this wonderful sale going on until the end of this month. (30.9.2020) The first tip is Sticking to your and your children's daily routine it truly does make it easier

Even (or especially)  if you’re staying in the comfort of home.

Get all the tips you need to fill your time in the most productive way. So...you are most welcome to follow and enjoy all we have to share...

There are a few ways for that... Instagram, Facebook  , or here ..." our Journey" subscribe to the newsletter down at the bottom. Here we'll be sharing the latest news, tips, and cool new finds with you, where we always welcome feedback and discussion. Hope you will enjoy it!

the new

find of

this week...

When you feel

like you really need

a time out... 

Look what we found for you...it's the newest coolest portable cinema, has so much that comes with! CINEMOOD  A portable projector for kids & kids at heart ️ ⁣provides safe & fun content... 

CINEMOOD has preloaded relaxing short stories, lullabies, white noise, and books!

You can use CINEMOOD at bedtime, in the car ride, in a tent, on a plane, and anywhere you can imagine! Go into their website and if you do purchase

Here is a coupon code for a lovely discount... Feel free to copy this coupon code = loveshirin >Press here for the Cinemood website<

all the best peace and love.

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